Pretty little plAyers

I'm a pretty serious fan of Pretty Little Liars. I blame this show for giving me trust issues, which means I'm suspicious of EVERYONE. So I've made this little blog to share and collect theories of like minded little liars. because I'm always on the go, non stop, I run my blog exclusively off of mobile, and mobile hates me... so I dont get to gif, format, or sometimes even tag. (yea.) But I'm here, and I love to hear what you say.  I love the puzzle. And I LOVE the theories. I hate spoilers, because that defeats the purpose of the gAme. 

Remember in season 2, when Aria and Spencer go to the morgue dressed as candy stripers? They find “Ali’s” autopsy. They read that she was hit in the back of the head with a curved, blunt object. And that there was dirt in her lungs, meaning she was buried alive.

I don’t think that the story she told the girls was her story. It just doesn’t make sense. She gets hit with a rock, from behind… Falls face forward… And then gets buried alive by her own mom. But later, when we see her at the lost woods resort, shes covered in dirt… But the only wound she appears to have is on the left front of her head. Like you would get in a struggle from the front. If someone swung at you with their right hand. It’s possible she hit her head again on her fall forward, but that blow to the back of the head… The one that knocked her unconscious… That one would need serious attending. You wouldn’t just cover that with a wig the next morning.

I think that she’s explaining a hybrid story of what happened to her, and what happened to the other girl. How likely is it they were both buried alive?